Fucked by gyno doctor

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February 14th, 2011

It was my first gyno exam at this clinic. The beginning of it was as usual one. My gyno doctor started with the breast checkup. He began rubbing and feeling around each of my tit, gently squeezing my nipples. He asked me to fold each arm under my head. Yeah, I liked his warm hands touching my tits. I felt that my pussy had been already wet. Then he spreaded my legs, revealing my wet shaven slit with juicy pink folds and a tight rosebud. Next my gyno doctor put on a white glove and reached between my legs and parted my pussy lips, exposing my piss hole and then a clitoris. He even rubbed my clit for a bit with his index finger. Then the gynecologist pervert buried also his middle finger into my asshole and began to penetrate my both holes. My previous gyno doctors had never done it. So I wondered what he's doing. He didn't answered but put my hand on his cock. He was hard and throbbing...

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Deep anal finger play at gyno exam

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January 18th, 2011

Deep anal finger play at gyno exam

It has been over a year since Judy's last gyno exam and she is dreading what's coming up next. So she comes to the office, checks in, takes a seat, and waits for her name to be called. She is embarrassed feeling the wetness creeping out from her pussy as she anticipates what is to come. She remembered her last gyno examination when doctor Cohen gave her a kinky treat with vaginal masturbation and deep anal finger play.

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Girl gets analy probed

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December 20th, 2010

Girl gets analy probed Girl gets analy probed

Amber Rayne was caught at selling drugs, but her pockets were empty. So she was institutionalized. A horny doctor decided to make her tell the truth by her own method. But girl kept silent and endured all rectal, gyno and oral tortures of this medical bitch. Even anal enema and deep vaginal fisting didn't make her say where she had hidden the contraband. After the full medical exam to doc's surprise Amber confessed that she had not hidden anything and she really enjoyed her cavity search. So the angry doctor gave her a good ass fucking at the end!

Girl gets analy probed Girl gets analy probed

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Kinky nurses

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November 29th, 2010

Kinky nurses Kinky nurses Kinky nurses Kinky nurses Kinky nurses

While gyno doctor is away two sex crazy nurses are pleasing each other in his surgery. Even such hot nurses working in this kinky clinic sometimes have trouble in getting orgasm. But they are always eager to help each other with some hard fisting and extreme pussy stretching!

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Sex At Gyno Exam

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November 14th, 2010

Sex At Gyno Exam Sex At Gyno Exam Sex At Gyno Exam

Valery actually enjoys gyno and rectal exams, because her gyno doctor is a really sexy guy and he always has hot new medical student he's teaching. Valery always visits a male doctor, because she just somehow loves how his hands rub her clit and touch her ass and pussy. View as his cock gets her doctor's real opinion of her, in the ass after speculum exam. Enjoy this hard double pumping right in the surgery room!

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Ass hole and pussy exams

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October 25th, 2010

Ass hole and pussy exams

View as a cute teen Cara getting her first gyno exam. The doctor asks her to take off all the clothing. When the girl gets nude the gynecology doctor checks her vitals including weight, height, heart rate and gives her a breast exam. Then the doctor wishes Cara to sit on a gyno chair and spread her legs wide. She feels a little bit nervous when the gyno doctor inserts a plastic speculum into her pussy. At the end of medical examination Cara gets deep and detailed asshole checkup.

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Gyno doctor

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September 27th, 2010

Gyno doctor

Hi! I'm a gyno doctor. A few months ago I began to write a medical report about female orgasms. Today I make some practical tests. So I start with putting a vibrator into my patient's asshole. Then I check her temperature vaginally and examine her pussy with a gyno speculum. When I find out everything is OK, I give the girl a stimulation pill and begin to rub her G-spot with a dildo. She moans and asks to fuck her harder. Her pussy is filled to overflowing with juices...

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Medical Porn from Doctor Tushy

Category: Gyno Exams, Rectal Exams

September 3th, 2010

Sharon is going to enter the college so she must go for a gyno check up. Her doctor is a blond cutie just out of Medical School. She begins from checking vitals. She examines Sharon's breast totally. Next she asks her to sit on a gyno couch. The doctor opens girl's vagina with clear speculum. At the end of examination gyno doctor checks Sharon's temperature rectally.

Medical Porn from Doctor Tushy

Get all pictures below!

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Nurse's masturbation gallery

Category: Nurses

August 31th, 2010

Nurse's masturbation gallery

Naughty nurse Alexa is a fan of tit bondage. After working hours she gets into a surgery, ties up her massive boobs with rope and begins to tease her cunt. When it becomes wet she fucks herself with a huge black dildo sitting on a gyno chair and spreading wide her legs.

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Total medical examination

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August 30th, 2010

Total medical examination Total medical examination Total medical examination

Blonde Susan needs to go for a medical check-up. Her regular gyno doctor is on a vacation and her pussy and ass are examined by a new physician. The doc checks girl's vitals, then palpates tits and crotch. Next she inserts a clear speculum and opens wide Susan's vagina. At the end of the medical examination gyno doctor puts a rectal thermometer into girl's tight asshole.

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